Gabrielle Hail

i'm gabrielle 

I live a simple yet whimsical life with my husband, Brock, and our moon child, Holiday in Deep South Louisiana where the food is flavorful and the mosquitoes are abundant. My family is my heart & inspiration and we spend our days together dancing to good music, napping hardcore, making extravagant breakfasts fit for lumberjacks, and dreaming of our next adventure. 

In addition to the fam, here are some other things that rock my socks off --  

Mid century modern design, my collection of film cameras, DANCING at your wedding reception, Hygge lifestyle, binge watching the BBC's Poirot when I'm sick or sad, making delicious AF pork carnitas tacos, taking long walks around the block with my husband -- beer in hand, mid afternoon baths that lead to mid afternoon naps, Michael Scott, anything cat related

where are we going next??

September 2019 //  30A(for my 30th b-day!)






John & lindsey

I cannot thank Gabrielle enough for capturing our wedding and engagement so incredibly well. She is really a joy to work with and that joy seeps into the moments that she documents. My wife and I are constantly amazed by each new set of photos we receive. We both highly recommend Gabrielle!

Karly s.

Gabrielle is spectacular at her craft. She has a true gift of capturing real emotions in her work and not just taking pretty pictures. She photographed my vow renewal & my brother's wedding, and I am immediately transported back to that point in time and feel all the love of that moment when looking at her work. Gabrielle is also a wonderfully charming person and so easy to work with. She really put me at ease when I let her know I had never had professional pictures and didn't know how to have my picture taken.

Chloe b.

I was lucky enough to have two sessions with Gabrielle last year and I still cant get over how much I love the photos! She has a classic style that makes the pictures timeless and has a way of bringing out the natural love and happiness. She is great at what she does and I can not wait till our paths cross again.

my mission of love


I'm inspired by people. I'm inspired by travel and adventure and music and being a free spirit! I'm inspired by appreciating the little things. My work can be described at simple, natural, romantic and authentic. By focusing on each individual couple's relationship and dynamic, my goal is to tell a story.

I go further than a posed portrait and dig deeper to uncover true emotion and character.

Gabrielle Hail Photography is a proud LGBTQIA ally and does not discriminate against sex, race, age or orientation.