Outstanding in the Field at Bartlett Farm

Have you ever eaten a beautifully prepared, family style meal where the food on your plate was sourced only yards away? With Outstanding in the Field, you get exactly that experience. Created to bring diners directly to the farmers and land who grow their food, OITF is an all in one experience for people passionate about food, wine and learning about what nurtures us.

This past January, OITF made their fourth visit to Bartlett Farm, located just outside of Covington, Louisiana. Run by a mother and son team, Nancy and John Bartlett, the farm produces fresh flowers and vegetables which they sell at local farmer's markets both in Covington and New Orleans.

The afternoon was bright, beautiful and warm as the guests meandered around the farm enjoying passed hors d'oeurves and wine from Coterie Cellars and scoping out the seemingly endless table set up under a lush canopy of trees. John and Nancy then took us on a tour of their farm, describing their production schedule, why bees are so important to their success, and how Hurricane Katrina changed the purpose of their land forever.  After the tour, it was time to be seated and start the dinner service. The meal was lovingly prepared by the talented Chef Martha Wiggins from Sylvain and was thoroughly enjoyed whilst being passed between guests. The family style meal was not only comforting, but also encouraged conversation between diners...building community while literally breaking bread.

It was a magical, peaceful, educational, delicious evening not soon forgotten.

And if you have a chance to ever attend an Outstanding in the Field event...DO IT. You won't forget it either.

Gabrielle HailComment