CLOSER with Rachel + Jake

Being an artist means throwing yourself out of your comfort zone and experimenting with techniques never before attempted. The idea behind this shoot was to focus on the emotion of my subjects, not any superb or picturesque location that is guaranteed to give an amazing shot. I invited Rachel and Jake to my home(by no means an exciting location) and we spent an hour just getting to know one another and taking some really intimate portraits. 

This was my first time meeting Rachel and Jake and they truly are such sweet souls. While sitting on my front porch, taking test shots, they talked about their wedding day and how even though it rained, it could not have been more perfect, because they were getting married. You guys, THIS is what I've been looking for in my couples. Genuinely nice folks who know what's important in life. Family, unconditional love, taking risks, experiencing new things, laughing A LOT.

I have to say, I fell into such a natural state photographing Rachel and Jake. We worked in tandem, trusting each other to open up, be silly and r e l a x. I was able to get incredible close to them and capture an intimacy that made me feel like a third wheel on a really hot date(which is not a bad thing!) It made for some of my favorite images captured. Ever.

Rachel and Jake, it was a pleasure. 


P.S. Are you looking for this type of photography experience? Well, I'm looking for you too! Get in touch and we'll make a love connection. xoxo Gabby

Gabrielle HailloveComment