Becca & Dylan's Japanese Inspired Anniversary Session

I adore when my clients come to me just as they are and aren't afraid to express themselves during our sessions. I photographed Becca and Dylan's wedding last fall and to celebrate their one year anniversary, we went back to Fontainebleu State Park where they got married and had an intimate anniversary session. 

In my eyes, anniversary sessions are important too. Love evolves with each relationship and the way you love now may be different than the way you loved on your wedding day. It's just as important to document your love 1...3...7 years into a marriage, remember exactly how you felt then and appreciate where you are now.

I communicated this to Becca and Dylan before we started shooting and they totally agreed. Married love is solid, stable, confident and deeply romantic in a way only married love can be. I told them to keep those thoughts in mind while interacting with one another and I think we managed to capture some truly stunning photographs. They both love Japanese culture(as do I) and they wore kimonos purchased on their honeymoon. To say I was excited was an understatement! All of my teenage dreams came true and I felt like I was living in Rurouni Kenshin(a totally badass anime I grew up watching with my siblings). It was absolutely perfect and had me swooning all afternoon.

PSA CLIENTS: BE YOURSELF. Totally and truly and unapologetically yourself.