Danielle & David's Intimate, Heartfelt Backyard Wedding with Woodland Details

My job is so easy when working with sweethearts. And that is exactly how I would describe Danielle and David. As soon as we met six months ago to grab a coffee and chat about their nuptials, I felt at peace knowing these were just GOOD people. 

They were married at Danielle's family home, in the backyard under a handmade arbor or branches and greenery with the late afternoon light making the woods around us glow. The air was so fresh and the trees acted like honorary wedding guests, standing to attention and protecting their sacred marital space. It was magical.

Afterwards, we took a reprieve for portraits next to David's mother's home where a field of golden grass had overgrown and was waiting for us the run through it. Which we did. Danielle and David had their private post ceremony moment in that field and I'm assuming breathed a sigh a relief and comfort knowing they were now husband and wife.