New Orleans at Dusk with Taylor and Ryan

You know when you meet really cool, chill, intelligent, funny people and instantly want to be best friends? Yeah, that was me with Taylor and Ryan. These two chickadees are engaged and I had the pleasure of taking some relaxed engagement portraits for them in the French Quarter.

We met at Petite Amelie, the little sister to one of my favorite brunch spots in the city, Cafe Amelie and gabbed over hard lemonade and iced tea. You see, I NEED to chat with my beloved couples for a bit before diving in head first with a camera in hand and barking cues left and right. There's a reason my sessions sometimes last for two takes time and can't be mass produced one mini session at a time. I want to get to know YOU. How else can I capture your essence, your chemistry, your soul without first getting a feel for your sense of humor, finding out how you met your fiance, and learning that you work on a SUBMARINE?? Yes, Ryan is studying to be an engineer and has been on a freaking submarine. How rad is that?

Anyway, you know the deal. We chat, we drank, we laughed and then head out to frolic in the New Orleans streets. Taylor and Ryan danced to La Vie En Rose, told me the story of how they met while on a Bourbon St stoop and cuddled under a canopy of lights we found in a hotel lobby. 

It was the perfect New Orleans evening.