JOYFUL Proposal in the French Quarter >> Rob + Marina

What do you think of when someone mentions the French Quarter? History? Jazz music? Beignets? Well, when I think of the French Quarter I think of romance. Good old fashioned love. But according to some, I see love everywhere so that's really no surprise. And who can blame me when I really only go the French Quarter to photograph people in love?

That was certainly the case with Rob and Marina. I was contacted last minute by Rob's sister Mihee to see if I was available to photograph Rob's proposal to Marina that weekend. You see, they were on vacation in New Orleans and Rob decided last minute that he NEEDED someone to document this incredibly important moment in their relationship. Luckily, I was on it. ;) A LOT of emails were exchanged between Rob and I the night before the proposal as we planned the logistics. You guys, planning a photo shoot around a spontaneous moment for a couple you have never met before is super difficult!!

We decided that I would not so conspicuously tail them while we were on a historic home tour but of course, things never go as planned and we found ourselves stuffed like sardines in a tiny shotgun home with 50 other tourists and tour guides talking about transoms and door frames. Not at all an ideal set up for a  romantic proposal. I quickly emailed Rob that he and Marina should casually follow me as I brought them to a more remote location. How she did not catch on to this strange dance of ours I have NO IDEA. Nevertheless, I led them behind St. Louis Cathedral out of the crowds and into the breezy shade the old church provided. I not so casually looked like I was getting something out of my bag and waited for the moment. With camera in hand, I captured the sweetest, most perfect, loveliest proposal ever. And Marina had no idea. It was everything.

After she said yes, I introduced myself as the person who was stalking them all day and offered to show them around the Quarter and take some portraits. We had a blast. These two are so genuine and goofy and sweet, we immediately hit it off. Luckily, they thought the same about me and now I will be photographing their wedding in Pennsylvania in exactly 2 months. And I can't wait. xoxo