Danielle + David // Engagement Session on a Rainy Louisiana Evening

Rain. When most people hear that word in conjunction with an outdoors photo session, they usually cringe and automatically think reschedule. Well, I'm obviously not one of those people. I can't begin to count how many engagement sessions or styled shoots I have photographed during rainy or less than ideal weather and you know what? Each and every one of them turn out so beautifully.

Rain creates romance, intimacy, depth, mood and emotion in an image that little else can. It becomes it's own character in this narrative of your love story and I always urge my clients to surrender to the weather and let it become a part of the experience.

Danielle and David did just that. Initially, we were hoping for clear skies, hazy sunset light and that late summer glow but the weather had other plans. And that's ok. Engagement photos aren't about a perfect location or perfect weather; it's about these two amazing people that have found each other and are getting MARRIED. It's about documenting the beginning of this journey for them and capturing photos that portray their unique relationship. 

Needless to say, this engagement session was a dream. Danielle and David got wet and sweaty and dirty, but we also bonded and laughed and they kissed and hugged. We left exhausted but happy and will meet again on their wedding day in November. Maybe it will rain.