Sara & Alex | A Modern Couple's Engagement Session in the French Quarter

Sara and Alex are the bees knees and I love them dearly.

The End.

No, but, seriously, from the short amount of time I’ve known these women, they are truly kindred spirits. Sara and Alex contacted me months ago about their destination wedding to New Orleans(they live in Brooklyn) and right away I knew these were my people. Smart, kind, funny, well traveled and down to earth, they exude both practicality and joy. We bonded over these similar traits during their engagement session one Sunday morning in the French Quarter and captured their modern sensibilities and palpable chemistry while strolling my favorite blocks of the French Quarter’s east side.

We started at Croissant D’Or, my favorite patisserie in the city. I frequently meet clients here for sessions and it’s just a great starting point to have a chat, a cappuccino, a croissant and hang with some locals before braving the tourist laden streets.

Alex and Sara are naturals, of course, and seem to fit in seamlessly. I had to do little direction and just let them be…capturing sweet moments here and there and the occasional dance move from Alex(I can’t wait to dance with her at their reception, btw). I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a session that unfolds naturally and easily. Work stops being work and starts being a lovely hour with two lovely new friends.

And Sara and Alex are exactly that to me now.