Sophia & Nate's Casual and Fun Swamp Wedding in the Louisiana Bayou | Adventurous Wedding Photography

Don't you just love when a couple plans a wedding that totally speaks to who they are?? ME TOO. Sophia and Nate didn't disappoint when they invited 150 of their closest friends and family deep into bayou country to celebrate their wedding. If I could describe Soph in Nate in a few words it would be laid back, whip smart, and fun as hell. They have a legitimate lust for life and wanted their wedding day to focus on family, friends and throwing one rager of a party on the bayou. 

The day started with meditation led by one of Sophia's close friends...some quiet reflection to get in the right head space before the chaos of the day ensued. Although, quickly after meditation, brushes and flowers were flying everywhere as friends made bouquets and sisters did each other's makeup. It was a legitimate free for all but also SO comforting. There was absolutely no pomp or circumstance and everyone there was just so willing and ready to be helpful whether that be braiding Sophia's hair or pouring another round of champagne. 

All too quickly, the ceremony came and went with lots of tears, laughs and their dog being as cute as ever. (Side note: Bring pets to your wedding. They're the sweetest.) Soph and Nate had a big surprise grand entrance planned for their guests and y'all, I had been waiting for this moment for months. 


Yes, the bride, groom and entire wedding party(yours truly included) rode airboats to the reception at Whiskey River Landing. Let me tell you right now, it was FREEZING. But so fun. It was a free for all to take portraits and ensure no one fell off the boats that were haphazardly tied together and slowing spinning with the current. It was SO entirely keeping with Soph and Nate's vibe as they had their first date and got engaged on this same bayou. It's funny how everything comes full circle. 

Anyway, we arrived to Whiskey River Landing safe and sound, but a little worse for wear and ready to party. Toasts were given, embarrassing stories told and everyone danced fais do do. Y'all, what a night.

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