Irene & Mike's Parisian, Fairy Tale Inspired Beloved Session in the French Quarter | New Orleans, Louisiana

There's just something about New Orleans that enchants and bewitches those who experience her charm. I guess that's why so many people choose to come here from around the world to get married, elope, renew their vows and honeymoon. It's old, romantic as heck and if you squint in the right light, it looks like you could be in the heart of Paris.

Irene and Mike came to New Orleans with exactly those expectations in mind and I'm pretty sure we captured that enchantment during their late afternoon Beloved Session. Immediately upon meeting this incredible couple, I knew these were my people. Irene wore the most drop dead gorgeous tulle skirt that literally turned heads and Mike was the definition of cool with his aviators and tweed blazer. Their wardrobe perfectly personified their theatrical, joyful personalities and open, more than willing attitudes. BE STILL MY HEART. {Photographer's Tip: If you're investing in a session with a professional photographer, go all out for your wardrobe! Wear the gown you've been dreaming of, or the super chic jumpsuit that's been sitting in the back of your closet. This is a chance to push boundaries with your style and wear something that makes you look and feel like a bombshell.}

We walked around the French Quarter for far too long, stopping along the way to ogle at every cute dog and chat about what we love about travel and our favorite cities. We weren't in a rush, didn't have an agenda and took our time creating the dreamy portraits Irene and Mike really wanted. And when the session was over and we were parting ways, we honestly didn't want to leave. Photography is such a gift in that way. It connects me to amazing new friends who I wouldn't otherwise have the honor of knowing and allows me to capture a moment of their lives worth remembering. And for that I am most thankful. 

Irene and Mike, y'all are freaking amazing.