Paige & Jaden's Sweet and Joyful Elopement at Algiers Courthouse | New Orleans, Louisiana


Can I say that again? I them. Paige and Jaden love them too and they knew after getting engaged that the smaller the wedding, the better.  In fact, they were both so giddy about the fact that they were just going to be married that the scheduling hiccups and long wait time throughout the day didn't even matter. 

This sweet couple traveled all of way from New Zealand to start their marriage in New Orleans before traveling around the States on an amazing honeymoon and I gotta say, I'm so bummed that they live so far away!! We immediately hit it off and chit chat quickly ensued while Paige got ready and Jaden poured rounds of champagne. We had so much fun comparing and contrasting our lifestyles and realizing just how similar our lives were...even though we live on the opposite sides of the Earth. People are people are people and the one thing that we all do? Get married. 

We trekked over to the ever so historic Algiers Courthouse and waited as couple after couple before us celebrated marriages. It was like we were all in solidarity together and cheering each other on. After a lot of waiting and pacing and hand holding and nervous glances, it was finally Paige and Jaden's turn. They recited their vows and exchanged rings on the courthouse balcony while passersby cheered and offered congratulations. You know, there's n0 place in the world like New Orleans to get married and I think Paige and Jaden hit the jackpot with the amount of support and congratulations they received from complete strangers. 

New Orleans, I love you for bringing such beautiful souls my way.