A Study of Light and Reflection | Portrait Session with Olivia & Jacob | Mandeville, Louisiana

As a working photographer, shooting for pure pleasure and personal fulfillment happens less often than I care to admit. Luckily, my friend Dylan(who was in town second shooting a wedding for me), convinced me to carve out some time for us to work out some creative energy and photograph just for the hell of it.

It goes without saying that this session includes some of my favorite work to date.

This is a study of light during the two hours before sunset. Scrolling through this gallery, you will see the slow progression and evolution of the light around us and how a few minutes can completely change the mood of an image. One of my Beloved Couples, Olivia and Jacob, whose wedding I photographed almost two years ago, graciously volunteered for the project and put up with any and all hair brained ideas I wanted to work through. Aren’t they just the sweetest?

I hope this gallery, if nothing else, brings you joy through the sweet simplicity of it all.