France on Film | Our Travels to Paris and Amboise in April 2019

This past April, Brock and I took our first European vacation and traveled to France for a week of indulging in fantastic food, historical sights and allll of the romantic vignettes our little hearts could handle. Now, I’ve expressed my opinion of Paris before and how much I HATED it - however…there really were some nice little pockets of time when I wasn’t feeling stressed, unsafe and uninspired and was able to whip out my film camera and take some photos that I now cherish.

Amboise, on the other hand, was the stuff of my dreams. The small town nestled in the Loire River Valley is known for its looming chateau and Clos Luce, the retirement place of Leonardo da Vinci. With a small population of mostly retirees, Amboise feels stuck in time and never in a rush. The people were NICE(a drastic change from the abrupt rudeness we experienced in Paris), the air was clean and we walked into the city center daily from our troglodyte in the hills.

Without further ado, here are some images captured on my beloved Pentax k1000 during our travels. I’ll pepper some recommendations below on restaurants we loved, neighborhoods we enjoyed and tips for visiting Paris.

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Other restaurants and places we loved in Paris included -

La Boite aux Lettres(one of the BEST meals we had during our trip)

Pizzeria Babalou(THE BEST meal of our trip…and it was pizza)

Roberta(more Italian food - and delicious handmade pasta)

Luxembourg Gardens(grab a picnic lunch, a chair in the sun and lounge with all of the locals)

The Latin Quarter(charming streets and little nooks and crannies gave way to some seriously cool shops…like a game shop where Brock picked up some gaming dice)

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(if you’d like any more recommendations or specifics on where we stayed, feel free to email me or comment below!)