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Are you interested in my work and want to see if we're a good fit? Check out some questions I get asked frequently...if you can't find the answer you're looking for, shoot me an email at and I'll be happy to help!



What kind of photography services can I book with you?

I am currently booking wedding and lifestyle photography including destination weddings, elopements, couples sessions and Hang Out sessions.

What is a hang out session?

Hang Out! is the term I use for my female empowered portrait sessions. They celebrate the female form and can be whatever you want them to be...maternity, bridal, boudoir, in home, etc.

These sessions are some of my favorite to photograph since my gals and I end up leaving as friends and confidants. I don't tie a strict time limit to your session, so we stop when you feel comfortable.

What is your style?

My photography style is photojournalistic, romantic and natural. During photo sessions, I like to walk the tight rope of hanging back and capturing you as things unfold naturally and doing some directive posing where I give you an action or emotion and capture the result.

When working with you, being vulnerable is incredibly important to maintaining my romantic style. I may ask for lots of hugging, kissing, and curling up in one another's arms or running around like crazy kids. My style stems from my clients putting their trust in my vision and creative direction. 

Do you travel?

I LOVE to travel, especially when I am able to do so for YOU! Adventuring to a new place together adds dimension to your photography experience in ways little else can. Since I am also a natural light photographer, traveling to places full of beautiful outdoor spaces and light make my heart happy!

For destination weddings and elopements, I offer flat rate travel fees within the Continental U.S. and will calculate international travel fees based on location.

Do you have a travel bucket list?

You know the way to my heart! I have always had a travel bucket list, ever since we learned every single country and it's capital in the sixth grade(don't quiz me though, I'm rusty). In my wildest dreams I would travel the world with my little family in tow, taking photographs and eating everything in sight, but alas, reality calls and I wait patiently to cross the next destination off my list. 













Are you or anyone you know planning a destination wedding in one of these locations? If so, LET'S TALK about my special discounted rates and make it happen!

What types of weddings do you photograph?

I'm currently booking intimate weddings and adventurous elopements. With minimal gear in order to move around easily and not distract or interfere with the integrity of the moment, I use available light to create ambience and mood and tend to quietly capture moments as they happen instead of posing and directing the day. With this in mind, I love to photograph weddings that take things slow and deliberately, with style, grace and a whole lot of love.

I'm all about straying away from doing what is "expected" and instead encourage my couples to plan a wedding based on living their truth and being able to soak up every moment as it happens. For example, I've photographed destination weddings in the mountains, elopements under oak trees surrounded by only the nearest and dearest of family members, vow renewals next to rushing waterfalls, and even a wedding where the wedding party(myself included) arrived to the reception on AIRBOATS. 



What do I wear to our portrait session?

I get this question A LOT. I always say wear what you love, what you feel comfortable in, and what is appropriate for the location. If we're wandering the streets of New Orleans, don't wear stiletto heels(or be sure to pack a pair of comfy shoes for walking!). White and neutral colors in general always photograph nicely, but don't feel you have to dress conservatively for engagement photos. Wear what makes you feel like yourself. 

What photographs well: Maxi skirts or dresses, white blouses, embroidery or texture that adds an interesting element to the photograph, sheer fabrics, anything that cinches the waist, your smile, an open mind!

What doesn't photograph well: Thin horizontal stripes, ill-fitting clothing, overly styled hair and makeup, a negative Nancy.

When will we receive our photos?

Currently, turnaround time for portraits and engagements are 2 weeks & weddings and elopements are 6 - 8 weeks.

I'm interested in booking...what are your rates?

My portraiture rates start at 400.00 and my wedding rates start at 3000.00. I also offer Elopement packages that start at 1600.00. For my detailed pricing catalog fill out the form below!

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